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The premium beer kits we provide in Penticton at Logan's Mini Brew contain high-quality ingredients to get you on your way to creating a natural beer of outstanding flavour. These beers are ready to brew with conventional brewing equipment and have no need for boiling! We give you the opportunity to create your own microbrewery style beer quickly and easily! Our beer kits are defined by superior ingredients and state of the art processing. Our rigorous quality control procedures are employed throughout our processes to ensure a perfect product to begin your brewing experience. At Logan's Mini Brew, all our beer kits are brewed with fresh grains and hops. It is pure grain malt; not malt extract like most homemade beer. It is made the same way as commercial microbrewed beer.

It all starts with our premium ingredients. They’re all in there!

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Barons premium beer kits offer 7.5L of high-quality concentrated wort to get you underway to creating a natural beer of outstanding flavour, ready to brew with conventional beer making equipment, with no need for boiling! Barons gives you the opportunity to create your own microbrewery style beer quickly and easily. The options include:

 Amber Ale: Malty rich flavour and body. This reddish ale has slightly more bitterness than typical ales but its maltiness gives a nice balance between sweet and bitter. Our blend of crystal and amber malts gives this ale its incredible character.

 American Lite: Low alcohol beer with a golden straw colour and a smooth, mellow flavour. Light and refreshing - a joy to savour on a hot summer's day.

 Brown Ale: Deep chestnut coloured ale with a full-bodied, roasted malt flavour. Precisely balanced with hop flavour, aroma and maltiness to bring out this beer's true character.

 Canadian Draught: Creamy beer with a sparkling golden colour. Lightly hopped to bring out the true, just-tapped flavour of pub-style daughts.

 Canadian Golden Ale: Beautiful pale coloured beer with slightly more hop flavour than typical Canadian beers. True to its style, CGA is malty but well-balanced. An exceptional beer for the North American ale enthusiast.

 Canadian High Test: Higher alcohol content of a strong beer with a decidedly Canadian twist. Smooth and flavourful, robust and bold. For the brave at heart, not the weak-kneed.

 Canadian Lager: Similar colour and flavour to commercial varieties without the additives. Clean, cool and effervescent - a true slice of Canadiana.

 Canadian Pilsner: Slightly more hop flavour than typical domestic lagers with a smooth finish. Light in colour, but full in flavour. For those who want a little more flavour in a Canadian style beer.

 Dutch Lager: This globally popular beer reflects the styles of Grolsch and Heineken, with a crisp, golden lager character and smooth spicy hoppiness, rounding out to a gentle, grassy finish. Crisp, distinct and delicious.

 Mexican Cerveza: Light and easy going with that special hint of flavour. Nothing quenches better than this - the quintessential summertime beer. All you need is this on ice with a plate of limes and you're home free.

 Pale Ale: A superior rendition of this famous ale beer. It has a rich, chestnut colour with a slightly higher hop bitterness for a true English pale ale flavour.

 Redwood Ale: A copper colour cream ale with traditional Canadian hop flavour and aroma. The superior maltiness and body in this flavourable ale are derived from a special blend of blonde and crystal malt. Full and refreshing.

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 Canadian Light Lager: Cool and refreshing, try one of our newest favorites: Light Canadian Lager. This is a crisp, easy to drink beer with a lower alcohol level to bring out the freshness and aroma profile of a true to style all-grain beer. Pairs extremely well with Pub fare, nachos, and delicate summer fare (salads etc.)

 Red Ale: Stylistically positioned between a German Alt Beer and the Oktoberfest, our red ale is copper red in colour. It has a pronounced crisp, malty character, with delicate hop bitterness and a pleasing floral aroma. Blessed with all of these thirst quenching attributes, this beer is sure to please! Best enjoyed with friends, barbecued ribs, jalapeño poppers and dry garlic jumbo prawns.

 India Pale Ale: This ale was developed in England during their colonization of India. The civilians and soldiers living there had no access to beer of their own, as temperatures on the sub continent were constantly too warm for brewing. Back in London, a brewer named George Hodgson began brewing beer for export to India. The beer was brewed with a higher alcohol level, and higher hopping rates to preserve the beer on its journey. The beer was a success in India, and "IPA" as it came to be known, caught on in England as well and a new beer style was born! Our India Pale Ale has a copper/golden colour with a slightly higher starting gravity and hop rates than our regular Pale Ale with medium aroma hops. India Pale Ale is a perfect match for spicy foods and BBQ, as it has the fortitude to stand up to the 'big food' flavour, yet is still crisp and refreshing on the palate.

 American Premium Lager: A relative newcomer, lager became common in the 19th century. Now it's the most popular beer around. Our take on this favourite is a refreshing, straw-coloured lager with a subtle aroma. This light, easy-drinking beer is ideal with hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers, steak and salads. Gather your friends around the barbeque on a hot summer afternoon and enjoy this refreshing premium beer.

 Munich Dark Lager: Since the mid-19th century, this dark beer has been brewed in the Bavarian city of Munich. Our version is characterized by a delicate sweet maltiness and a toasted nutty flavour. This rich, medium bodied beer will compliment chicken or pasta dishes. You've been hitting the ski-slopes all afternoon. Now relax in front of the fireplace and savour the dark, toasted warmth of this unique beer.

 Mexican Cerveza: Crisp and refreshing. The finish is dry and the hop profile has the same distinct aroma as that famous clear bottled Mexican brew. Cerveza is great with burritos, enchiladas, tacos or just relaxing in the sunshine.

 Pale Ale: A beer with roots in the English Midlands, pale ale dates back as far as 1870. Today it is copied worldwide. This is a perfect beer with red meats and cheeses.

 Stout: Brewed since at least 1820, stout is Ireland's gift to beer lovers. Ours is dark and rich with rich chocolatey-espresso finish. Stout is a perfect match for shellfish, particularly oysters. Also great with curries and strong cheeses.

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 American Pale Ale: The first release in our Crafted range was this American Pale Ale. Crafted series kits use specialty malts and extra hop additions to create beer recipes that really stand out from other malt extract kits. Our APA has US Cascade hop pellets added at canning to infuse their grapefruit aromas in the extract, made from ale, caramalt, and lager malts. Brew with our Unhopped Ultra-Light, or combine 2 cans of APA for a more powerful hop aroma and bitterness.

 Bock: A robust and full flavoured German style dark beer.

  Colonial Lager: A New Zealand lager created to satisfy a hard earned thirst.

  Dry Lager: A light coloured and refreshingly dry lager with a crisp, clean finish.

  Export Pilsener: A traditional Czech beer in the Pilsen style. Crisp, clear and refreshing.

  Golden Ale: Generous use of specialty ale malt with Nelson Hops, has created this refreshingly deep Golden Ale.

  Lager: A blend of hop varieties produces the characteristic bitterness and aroma of this refreshing lager.

  Mai Bock: Black Rock Crafted Maibock is our take on this traditional Bavarian style. Munich and lager malts combine for a rich malt character, with a selection of New Zealand hops for a moderate bitterness. An addition of New Zealand Wakatu hops, (formerly NZ Hallertau Aroma) at the canning stage allows them to be infused into the malt extract for a subtle lime citrus hop aroma. Brewers wanting to replicate the stronger style of traditional bock beers could combine 3 cans of Maibock to make 23L.

  Mexican Lager: A crisp refreshing lager in the Mexican style.

  Miner's Stout: The West Coast coal miners meal at the end of the day. Dark, smooth and satisfying.

  New Zealand Draught: New Zealand’s own style of full malt draught beer.

  Nut Brown Ale: A malty, deep amber coloured beer with a balanced harmony of crystal malt and hops to create a notably clean taste with a malt accented flavour.

 NZ Bitter: Originally brewed in England for the long voyage to New Zealand. Rich, strong and tasty.

 Oatmeal Stout: Black Rock Oatmeal Stout has rich caramel and roasted characters from the selection of specialty malts, balanced with a moderate hop bitterness, and a smooth, silky texture from the malted oats.

 Pale Ale: A distinctive, international style, golden pale ale with a moderate bitterness from the selected Nelson Hops.

 Pilsener Blonde: A European-style dry lager with a full hop flavour.

 Riwaka Pale Ale: Our second Crafted release is created using our brewers favourite pale ale recipe, because of the large amounts of specialty ale malt used, and then adds Riwaka hop pellets from New Zealand Hops to the malt at canning. Riwaka hops are one of the popular new varieties from New Zealand Hops for the unique citrus aromas that has made it highly demanded by brewers around the world, we just hope we can get enough of them to keep up with demand. Brew with our Unhopped Ultra-Light, or combine 2 cans of RPA for a more powerful hop aroma and bitterness.

 Whispering Wheat: Liquid Gold with a fruity flavour. This refreshing, lively brew is well suited to warmer climates.

 Witbier: Black Rock Crafted Witbier is a combination of wheat and lager malts with traditional notes of coriander and orange, balanced with a subtle hop bitterness.

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